Don Mills Trail


I am pleased to report city staff advised me the northern extension of the Don Mills Trails project is out to tender and construction should begin soon.

In 2012, I intervened to break a long-standing delay and negotiated an easement for the city over the Metrus property, making the southern extension possible.

Before the easement can be granted, the province is now requiring the city to carry out an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the land in question. It is an unfortunate delay, but one that is beyond the city’s control – it is mandated by the province.

I am pleased to report the first phase of the environmental assessment for the southern extension of the Don Mills Trail is complete.

The second phase, which began this spring, is nearly complete and city staff expects the assessment to be completed this fall.

The city has already completed its portion of the EA and the province is evaluating the city’s work. If the province concludes that the site is in good condition, work on the southern extension can begin as early as fall 2013.

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