Jolly Miller Park


Photo: Marton Smith Landscape Architects

In 1997, the former City of North York acquired the Jolly Miller property on Yonge Street just south of  York Mills Road to protect its heritage value and prevent future development.

At the time, North York City Council decided to develop a portion of the property into a parking lot on a temporary basis to help the City recover its acquisition costs. Council also decided that its long-term objective was to convert a portion of these lands into an open space complementing the surrounding area.

As of 2008, the city had recouped the cost of the purchase, and began to work alongside the York Mills Valley Association to turn part of the parking lot into parkland!

The parking lot was closed for renovations this summer and work on the park is expected to continue through the fall. Stay tuned for a community celebration to open the park in the early spring!

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