Major 2014 Ward 25 Road Repairs

Here are the major projects coming on stream within Ward 25 in 2014:

  • Bayview Avenue between York Mills and the 401 will be resurfaced following the completion of water main repairs;
  • York Ridge Road and Don Ridge Drive will be fully reconstructed with stormwater management upgrades;
  • Lawrence Avenue East between Yonge and Bayview (excluding the section between Wanless Crescent east and west) will be resurfaced; and,
  • In Hoggs Hollow, Winton Road, Donwoods Grove and portions of Donwoods Drive and Plymbridge Road will be resurfaced as part of the Hoggs Hollow Reconstruction Project.

The Lawrence Park Road and Stormwater Management Environmental Assessment (EA) is well underway and the nal public meeting is scheduled for the fall.

Earlier this year, I asked city staff to reorganize the work plan for the EA to identify streets that will not need significant storm water management work and put them on the fast track for reconstruction.