Toronto Ravine Strategy

Toronto’s ravine system is unlike any other ravine system in the world. We are fortunate to have a significant amount of these ravines within Ward 25. You can see a map here.

The neighbourhoods of Ward 25, however, were also some of the most impacted by the ice storm of December, 2013 – consequently, damaging our ravines.

Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation, City Planning and Toronto Water have been working with the Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority to implement and develop a Toronto Ravine Strategy. This strategy focuses on the protection, investment, connections and celebration of our ravines through partnership efforts. The draft of the Toronto Ravine Strategy can be found here.

I’ve actively supported the implementation of this strategy, while placing several motions to further advance the Toronto Ravine Strategy.

In order to allow for the proper conservation and restoration approaches to be taken towards the health of our ravine system, I have moved a motion to include the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry and similar centers of research in the development and implementation of the Toronto Ravine Strategy. By working in collaboration with the University of Toronto, scientists and experts in ravine systems, the City of Toronto and its partners will be better equipped to address the capacity of the strategy. This collaboration also ensures that the information required for best-practice implementation is used to maintain and manage our ravine system.

Toronto’s ravines are the heart and soul of our natural environment system, and the Toronto Ravine Strategy will be critical in the long-term sustainability of our ravines.