Jaye In the News


Speaking to City News about her Road Safety Strategic Plan Roundtable and making Toronto’s streets safer:

“We’ll be sharing ideas, strategies about traffic safety best practices, to make sure the road safety plan addresses what our residents need to safely navigate the city,” she explained. “It’s time for Toronto to take leadership in this role and we’re going to do just that.”

Talking to CTV News as about the city’s blitz against cars parking illegally during rush hour :

“It takes a long time to shift driver behaviour. This is a big city and we just simply can’t tolerate people parking illegally during peak hours.”

Addressing Council on the importance of speeding up repairs on the Gardiner Expressway:

“There are a lot of people in this building that stay up late at night and worry about the Gardiner. We can’t just keep patching it up.”

Speaking to Metro News about her motion to develop a Traffic Calming Options Manual at the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting in November 2015:

“As of last week we’ve had 30 pedestrian fatalities in Toronto in 2015 and four cycling deaths. Seventy-five percent of those killed were over the age of 55. And so the bottom line is we can and must do better.”

Discussing recent renovations to parks in Ward 25 in the Town Crier:

“Big or small, we’re bringing real improvements to our neighbourhood parks and green spaces.”

Talking to the Toronto Sun about getting Toronto moving:

“Addressing traffic and gridlock is my number one priority. It’s the foundation of our city’s competitiveness and prosperity.”

Discussing our library system with the National Post as former Vice Chair of the Library Board:

“Libraries have really become community hubs… Our library and library system are revered around the world. It’s blossoming”