Update on 740-750 York Mills and 17 Farmstead

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

As you know, in 2013, Minto submitted an application to construct 240 townhouses at the corner of York Mills and Leslie in addition to the existing three apartment buildings.

In a later revision of their plans, Minto increased the number of units from 240 to 260.

In the summer of 2016, I successfully overturned a positive staff report and refused this application at both North York Community Council and Toronto City Council.

Throughout this entire application process, I’ve consistently voted against this development. I believe that it proposes too much density for this area and does not fit the character of the neighbourhood. As I said in my speech to North York Community Council last May, this type of over-development and intensification is very disconcerting.

Unfortunately, the applicant appealed the application to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The OMB is a provincially appointed administrative tribunal that hears planning appeals from the municipal level.

The OMB hearing for this application was held in January 2017. The OMB released their decision in early February 2017. I’ve attached a letter from the York Mills-Leslie Residents’ Association below outlining the OMB proceedings and outcome for this file.

As many of you know, I have repeatedly voted at City Council to ask the province to remove Toronto from the OMB’s jurisdiction. We need to ensure planning decisions are made at the local, neighbourhood level. Unfortunately, the province has yet to act on Council’s request.

Thank you again for your engagement on this file.

Warm regards,


The York Mills-Leslie Residents Association (YMLRA) wishes everyone a Happy New Year and hope that you had a pleasant and enjoyable holiday time.

We would like to thank all those residents who have contributed funds towards opposition to the proposed development of 260 stacked townhouses, or who joined the residents’ association.

As you are aware, at our meeting in September the YMLRA membership approved the following:

  • the YMLRA Executive can act on behalf of the membership
  • to raise sufficient funds by the end of October to make a legal challenge to Minto’s appeal at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)
  • to negotiate with Minto to reduce the scale of the initial development in case insufficient funds were collected

Despite the strong sentiments expressed at the meeting, the funds raised were totally insufficient to retain legal counsel or an expert planner for an OMB challenge.

As a result, the Executive negotiated a compromise with Minto whereby they agreed to reduce the number of townhouse units from 260 to 192.

In addition Minto offered to:

  • provide Privately Owned Publicly Accessible Space (POPS) as a garden area to front York Mills Rd.
  • donate part of the western portion off York Mills as part of the Mossgrove Park
  • make a Section 37 monetary contribution to the community.  (See website Q&A for explanation of Section 37.)

A copy of the agreement between the Minto, the YMLRA and DMRI (Don Mills Residents Inc.)  will be posted on the website  http://ward25residents.ca, as soon as it is publicly available.

The agreement has been accepted by the City of Toronto.

We have posted frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the agreement with Minto on the YMLRA website, see: http://ward25residents.ca

We ask anyone who might have a remaining questions to first refer to the website before contacting the YMLRA.

The YMLRA will be having the annual meeting of the paid members and contributors in early Spring.

All individuals who have contributed to the YMLRA either by the $50.00 membership fee or a contribution to opposing Minto will have their membership extended to December 31, 2017.

We invite those residents who have not yet joined the Association to do so and help protect the community by sending a $25.00 membership fee (reduced for this calendar year) to

York Mills-Leslie Residents Association Inc.

PO Box 36069, York Mills Leslie PO

Toronto, ON

M3B 0A3

Or visit the web-site to join:    http://ward25residents.ca